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In today’s hectic technology environment, businesses
are relying more and more on data applications like video,
data, and voice tools. Unfortunately, this also places a large
strain on most networks. For the systems to work the way
they should, the infrastructure supporting them
must remain in good working order.

That’s where structured cabling comes in.

While structured cabling represents only a portion of an overall network, it can account for upwards of 80% of a network’s efficiency.

If you’re looking for a skilled team of structured cabling installation experts, USTeleCenters is here for you. Our team specializes in the high-quality installation of vitrified voice and data cabling technology, including Category 5e, Category 6, fiber-optic, and wireless networks.

Is Structured Wiring Worth it?
Why Choose Structured Cabling?

If you’re considering investing in network cabling installation services,
you want to make sure that the cabling system is right for you.


A more streamlined system

Structured cabling reduces the bulk and congestion associated with wiring infrastructure. The way structured cabling is installed prevents messy tangles and helps wiring infrastructure remain organized. The result is a cleaner and more streamlined appearance for your business, less downtime, and a decreased likelihood of human error.

The easier your equipment is to use, the more your business will benefit.

A network that’s easier to use

When you invest in structured cabling, you also make your network much easier to use. If there’s a problem with your network, structured cabling makes it easy to troubleshoot and identify a problem in your cable connections or larger infrastructure.

Once you’ve identified the issue, structured cabling also allows you to isolate and replace the cables that are causing an issue. This makes DIY system maintenance much easier and removes the barriers to entry for repairing and understanding your system.

Simple upgrades

The world of communications technology is advancing rapidly. As communication technology changes, your system will need to, as well.

Fortunately, structured cabling makes it easy to update your system and implement new changes, without putting all of your existing infrastructure at risk. This forward-adaptable cabling standards model makes it easy to scale your company and grow alongside trends in your industry.

Faster installation time

You need a new system rapidly, and you don’t have time to waste on lengthy installations. Fortunately, USTeleCenters’s network of structured cabling installers streamlines and simplifies the installation process by implementing moves, changes, and additions quickly.

When there are fewer disorganized wires getting in the way, the odds of human error decrease, thus enabling better use of funds and a more intelligent allocation of company time. While we are installing your system, our team will always keep the timeline in mind, and do everything we can to streamline the process.

What Does a Structured Cabling Technician Do?

Good data cabling requires the help of a skilled team. Fortunately, USTeleCenters’s team of cabling network experts is here for you. Our structured cabling installation services offer the flexibility and scalability your team needs to accommodate changes, moves, and add-ons for your company.

The result is enhanced performance and profit for your company.

Here's an overview of our structured cabling installations:

  • Structured cabling design and installation
  • Security access control systems
  • Surveillance camera systems
  • Data network cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a
  • Ethernet cabling
  • Audio/Visual cabling
  • VoIP cabling
  • Server Racks
  • Coaxial cabling
  • Telephone cabling (commercial)
  • WLAN network installation
  • Paging systems
  • Patch panel termination
  • Wireless LAN solutions

Why Choose

In addition to offering such a diverse assortment of data cabling services, our team has more than 100 years of combined experience. Our team starts each project by sitting down with our clients and their teams to pinpoint problem areas and develop suggestions for the right solution.

Our team installs reliable cable networks that are both low-maintenance and scalable. Plus, we offer end-to-end maintenance for your cabling project – from conception to completion. The result is a seamless, streamlined solution your team can rely on.


When it comes time to integrate structured cabling installation for your team, USTeleCenters is here for you. Our team of skilled, experienced structured cable installers will work with you to develop a highly customized, fully scalable structured cabling system that suits your team.

Regardless of whether you’re running a large company or a small business, our team can provide the telecommunications solutions and outstanding technology customer service you need. Enhance your access, improve the service you offer your customers, and make it easier to connect to the things that matter to your company.

Our network cabling installation services will become the backbone of your company’s growth.

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