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USTeleCenters: Boston Hosted Telephone Systems
USTeleCenters is a proud reseller of the award-winning Broadview Networks Office Suite Cloud-based Telephone System:
Is money tight? Almost any business can utilize the benefits of a hosted telephone system that offers all of the same features as a premised-based system, but without all the upfront costs of purchasing a premise-based PBX. The full-featured cloud-based phone system from Broadview Networks can transform your business without breaking the bank:

While the phones are in your office, the intelligence of the service is secure in the cloud, so no matter where you are, you can use the OfficeSuite® business phone system. This increases employee productivity and mobility, and allows larger organizations to implement unified cloud phone systems across all of their sites.

OfficeSuite® is an IP phone system, meaning it transmits voice, fax and other data packets over either Broadview's, your existing provider's or another telco carrier's IP network or securely over the public Internet. Your USTeleCenters sales representative will be happy to quote you a competitive price on a broadband provider for your business. The benefit of having USTeleCenters as your telecom consultant is that you will be sure of a higher voice quality and carrier-grade reliability based on our years of experience working with may of the top carriers in the country.

Upgrade to a feature-rich, easy to use IP phone system that unifies all your business communications in the cloud without having to purchase expensive equipment or costly maintenance contracts.

Call the USTeleCenters sales department at 1-800-927-3211 to discuss why we are one of the leading VoIP providers in Boston. Call us for a free estimate and to discuss all the advantages of the Broadview Networks Office Suite Telephone System!!